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All You Need to Know About the Benefits of Recycling Computers

Did you know that more than 40 Million tons of e-waste are discarded globally just in a single year?

Where Does The Recycled E-Waste Go: A fleeting thought probably pops up in the back of your mind: where does all this astounding amount of e-scrap end up? Well, remember that when you throw something away, be it your obsolete computer, laptops, Macbooks, cell phones, or any other electronic gadget, it doesn’t just disappear. There’s no such magical place called “away” for e-waste. Now let’s talk about the benefits of recycling computers at Computer Recycling Seattle. Read more here about – Motherboard Recycling –. Recycling your old computers, and e-waste with a reputable company insures that all the equipment gets processed properly.

Recycle All Electronics Properly: Broken, damaged, and outdated computers and laptops can end up in developing countries or landfills unless they are recycled properly. Either option means that toxic materials found in your e-waste stand a good chance of contaminating our environment. Also the e-waste can be poisoning someone else’s soil, water, and wildlife. In a nutshell, whole communities can be affected. There are laws that keep computers recycled in Washington State to not be sent to third world countries. Here is some information about computer recycling in Washington State.

Given the sheer fact that the toxic materials are deemed to pollute our environment and cause various chronic diseases; thus, it becomes critical to dispose of the electronic waste properly. This article will shed some light on the benefits of recycling e-waste to create awareness among the masses and save our planet from the unwanted consequences of improper disposal of e-waste like computers, laptops, cell phones etc.


Computer Recycling Benefits

Benefits of Recycling E-Waste

Recycling the old laptops, Macbooks, and other electronic devices keeps this toxic waste out of landfills, providing a plethora of benefits to the community a well as the environment. Read below to find just a few of the many benefits of properly recycling laptops Macbooks iMacs and old computers.

Reduce Landfill Space & Prevent Toxic Waste

Unbeknownst to many consumers, landfills are mushrooming at an unprecedented rate across the globe, and the US does not have any exemptions. That means they need more and more land merely to dump the mounting e-scrap and trash. By recycling e-waste like computers and laptops, you can minimize the amount of electronic waste. This is ultimately saving the space required to dump the rubbish, let alone the ensuing soil, water, and air pollution that pops up in the wake of dumping e-waste.

Cut the Manufacturing Cost & Conserves the Natural Resources

You’d be surprised to know the utter fact that up to a whopping 98% of components in your old computers, laptops, and Macbooks can be recycled and reused. Reusing the old materials means less manufacturing is required to make the materials again, ultimately lessening the overall manufacturing cost, minimizing energy consumption, and conserving the natural resources that are used in the production of new materials. No mining required is one of the benefits of recycling computers and e-waste.

Diminish Pollution & Improve Health

As discussed above, all the chemicals that ooze out from the e-waste dumped in the environment is hazardous for the living species, be it humans, plants, or animals. The toxins that are usually released from these chemicals via water or air can give birth to a myriad of health complications. These include chronic diseases, cancer, as well as brain and kidney damage. Furthermore, the air and water could be safer for all to use or breathe if you and others opt to recycle your old computers, laptops, and Macbooks more often.

Where Can I Recycle My E-Waste? There are numerous computer recycling companies in Seattle that can help you recycle the e-waste by charging the disposal cost. However, if you want it to be done free of cost, contact Computer Recycling Seattle and schedule an appointment for a Corporate Pick-Up today, or bring by your items for recycling to our location at 76th and Aurora. Recycling benefits the environment and computers, laptops, and Macs are free to recycle.

Play Your Part in Saving Our Planet by Recycling Your Electronic Devices Today: In order to encourage computer and laptop recycling, we do not charge for our recycling services. This FREE COMPUTER RECYCLING stimulates the recycling of computers and other types of e-waste. Free is a great price! You can recycle your old laptops and desktops, clear clutter, and help the environment and support Alzheimer’s Research all at the same time! – More About Computer Recycling –

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