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Corporate Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Service For Companies: Our company Computer Recycling Seattle serves businesses big and small in the Greater Puget Sound Area. We remove and recycle e-waste of all types. From servers and switches, to entire data centers. We are Seattle’s most convenient corporate computer recycler.

Special Services: Our company has the flexibility to help companies with special needs. From access problems, to time problems. We can serve most companies with problems dealing with their used computers, laptops, servers, networking equipment, and other items.

Recycled Computer Data Wiping Service

Data Wiping Service: Computer Recycling Seattle will wipe all data from recycled computers, and their hard drives. We offer on-site data destruction services also. Our portable hard drive crusher is a must have in the recycling industry. We can crush hard drives with sensitive data before removing them for recycling when necessary. We guarantee to wipe all sensitive data from recycled computers, and servers.


Free Corporate Computer Removal

Laptop Recycling: Many companies have a number of laptops that they need to pass on. We specialize in recycling and refurbishing laptops. Every laptop we recycle will be refurbished for re-use if it can be made functional, and useful in today’s world. We even recycle parts and non-working laptops. Our company focuses on refurbishing recycled computers and laptops more than anyone around.

Server Recycling: Computer Recycling Seattle removes, and wipes data from all types of servers. Regardless of age, or condition we can remove and process old, on retired servers. We also recycle server parts, ram, cpu’s motherboards and more.

Network Storage System Recycling: Our company removes, and recycles all types of network storage devices, and drives. Rack mount, or stand alone. Our secure data wiping service is always available for hard drives that need recycled with sensitive data.


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