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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycled iMacs: Our company recycles all models of Apple’s iMac computers. From the Pre-Intel iMacs to the modern ones. We will take them for recycling. iMac recycling is one of our main activities, along with refurbishing iMacs.

Refurbishing Recycled iMacs: Computer Recycling Seattle refurbishes as many recycled iMacs as possible for reuse. We securely wipe the data, and then load the MacOs so they can be used by anyone who needs a good iMac.

New Hard Drives For Recycled iMacs

Putting Hard Drives In Recycled iMacs: Computer Recycling Seattle receives a lot of iMacs that don’t work in our recycling business. In many cases the problem is a bad hard drive. We will replace a bad hard drive with a new SSD so an old iMac that gets recycled can get a new life. A new life with a much faster hard drive and far better performance. Without a faster SSD hard drive many iMacs are too slow to be of much use.

Used iMacs For Sale: Please check out Used iMac Seattle if you are looking for a good used iMac for sale with a warranty.


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