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Laptop And Desktop Computer Motherboard Recycling

We Recycle Repair And Refurbish Motherboards: Our company not only recycles motherboards from laptops and desktop computers, as well as Macs and Macbooks, we actually repair them to be re-used. Many of the motherboards that are recycled with us are valuable enough to attempt to repair them so they can be installed in refurbished computers. Repaired motherboards are also sold to others so they can fix their computers. The motherboards we can’t fix are properly recycled for the raw materials.

Motherboard Recycling – Good For The Environment

Bring In Your Old Motherboard For Recycling: If your have a bad motherboard, or a motherboard pulled from a rebuild, or an upgrade we will be happy to recycle it. If it has problems we may repair it and try to find it a home. Many people repair computers, and the easiest way to fix a computer with a bad motherboard is to replace it. Replacing a bad motherboard with an identical one is the easiest way to fix a computer. When we sell a repaired, or recycled motherboard it means one more computer does not need to be manufactured, or shipped. This is great for the environment overall. – More About Computer Recycling Seattle –

Computer Recycling Seattle Repairs Bad Motherboards

We Specialize In Motherboard Repair: That’s right. Our talented staff can actually repair bad motherboards in many cases. From damaged pins to swollen capacitors. From physical damage to other problems. We can in many cases repair a bad motherboard. If you have any questions about motherboard recycling just give us a call. If we can repair a bad motherboard so it can be re-used this is great for the environment.


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