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Motherboard Recycling At Computer Recycling Seattle

Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles Motherboards: If you have old motherboards pulled from old computers because they went bad, or you did an upgrade bring them in. We will recycle all kinds of motherboards. Laptop motherboards. Desktop Motherboards. Mac logicboards. Just about any type of motherboard that is not being used should be recycled. Motherboard recycling is one of the most important part of computer recycling.

Motherboard Recycling Is Good For The Planet: There are many materials in electronics that need to be properly recycled. Motherboards have lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, and many other materials that should be processed properly so they can be reused in manufacturing. When you recycle a motherboard at our facility it will either be repaired, and or tested so it can be reused, or it will be processed properly for the raw materials.


Motherboard Recycling

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