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Recycled Hard Drive Wiping

We Wipe Or Destroy All Recycled Hard Drives: Computer Recycling Seattle destroys most hard drives that are left for recycling. If a hard drive is 1tb or more it is securely wiped / the data is erased. Then, after wiping it is then fully tested, and then made ready for re-use. We will either sell the used hard drive, or use it in a – Computer We Refurbish –. We make sure all data is wiped from recycled hard drives, and computers. Guaranteed. We offer on-site hard drive destruction for our corporate clients when they recycle their computers.

We Use Recycled Hard Drives For Computer Repair: Some Seattle customers need their computer repaired. Computer means desktop computer, laptop, Macbook, iMac or other type. We can in many cases add storage for a very affordable price by installing a recycled / refurbished hard drive. We use the recycled hard drives for – Computer Repair – all of the time. Having a selection of good recycled hard drives makes it easy to upgrade computers for a very affordable price. We do all we can to reuse all recycled hard drives possible.

We Crush Most Recycled Hard Drives

Recycled Hard Drive Crushing: Many of the hard drives we get in are either defective, or not good for refurbishing. This means the get crushed by our hard drive crusher. When customers come in with hard drives to recycle we offer to let them crush them themselves. They actually enjoy destroying their own data. Many of our corporate clients require we destroy their hard drives before removing them. We take our hard drive crusher to their site, and crush the drives there and then remove them for processing.


Reducing By Recycling

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