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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles Non Industrial Printers

Printer RecyclingPrinter Recycling: Our company recycles desktop inkjet, and laser printers. We also recycle toner and ink cartridges. Many of the printers that are left for recycling don’t work. But guess what. Some of the recycled printers can actually be repaired. We can occasionally repair recycled printers so they can be re-used or resold. Computer Recycling Seattle recycles all regular printers. This includes multi-function devices like printer/scanner/copiers. We do not recycle large industrial printers over 18″ tall. We charge a fee of $10 for all recycled printers.

Have Questions About Recycling Printers?

Call With Printer Recycling Questions: If you have any questions about recycling printers don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also visit our – Computer Recycling Knowledge Page – for more information about Computer Recycling Seattle, and what we do. Printer Recycling and removal is one of the more common services we offer. Of course all printers recycled at Computer Recycling Seattle will be disposed of properly.

POS Printer Recycling: Our company recycles POS Equipment such as terminals, and of course Printers! All POS Printers will be recycled at no charge.

Computer Recycling Seattle

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