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Computer Parts Recycling For Seattle

Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles All Computer Parts: Many of our customers work on, upgrade, or fix their computers. It is fun. Over time they accumulate boxes of old computer parts that simply get in the way. It is easy to come in and recycle all your old computer parts. They will be processed properly for their raw materials, or they will be used to refurbish other computers. Recycling of Computer Parts is one of our main activities.

Recycle Computer Parts At Our Location In Seattle: We take in for recycling computer and laptop motherboards, ram, fans, cpu’s / processors and cases. We also accept for recycling computer cases, wires, cables, cd and dvd rom drives. Thus recycling motherboards so they can be reused or processed for their raw materials is great for the environment.

Importance Of Recycling Motherboards

Recycling Computer Motherboards Is Important: Older computer motherboards contain many raw materials that can be processed, and used to make new electronics. In fact the newer motherboards have far less raw materials, so an old motherboard recycled can make far more newer ones. Motherboard manufacturers are becoming more efficient. Everyone knows that it is very good for the planet to get all of the motherboards possible recycled so they can be processed. Our partner Seattle Laptop performs – Computer Repair – and can use the recycled motherboards for their operation. Read more – here – about computer repair in Seattle.

We Recycle Cords And Cables

We Take In All Cords And Cables: Computer Recycling Seattle will recycle all your old computer and networking cables. Most of our customers have boxes and drawers full of cables and cords they will never use. They can bring them all in for recycling with their other parts. Even if your e-waste and cords and cables are not for computers we will accept them. We recycle networking cables, and power cords, as well as extension cords.



Computer Parts Recycling

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