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Corporate Computer Recycling and E-Waste Pickup Service

Computer Recycling Seattle Removes Corporate E-waste: Computer Recycling Seattle comes to your business location, and we will remove all of your surplus computers. We will recycle computers – Computer Recycling-, laptops, networking equipment, and other types of e-waste. We also remove all typed of other e-waste. If you have any electronics other than computes, and laptops let us know if we can help.

Free Computer RemovalCost To Recycle Computers / E-Waste: In almost all cases there will be no charge to remove recycled computers, and laptops or other e-waste. Computer Recycling Seattle is a computer and laptop re-furbisher. This means all the computers, laptops, and electronics we remove will usually pay for the pickup. If we pick up other types of scrap, the charge is usually $75 to $150. Call 206-279-6621 if you would like more information about our pick-up service.

Schedule A Recycling Pickup Today

Schedule A Pickup: If you or your company needs any information about our corporate recycling – How Pick Up Service Works – just call us. We can set up an appointment to recycle all your equipment. If necessary we can always help your staff with inventorying and auditing your recycled equipment. Our computer removal team can even break it down when necessary before removing. We will remove and recycle entire Data Centers when necessary, including server racks, cables, UPS’s, switches, and all other networking equipment. We even remove computer room coolers, and air conditioners.

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