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Macbook Recycling For Seattle: Computer Recycling Seattle at 76th and Aurora recycled all types of Macbooks. Macbook Air. Macbook Retina. Macbook Pro, and all others. We securely wipe the data from all recycled Macbooks.

Data Wiping On Recycled Macbooks: The older Macbooks have spinning hard drives, and they must be wiped securely, zeroed properly, or destroyed. In our place destroying a hard drive usually means crushing it in our hard drive crusher. Once we destroy a hard drive there is no one anywhere who could recover the data. Unless they can go back in time of course. Newer Macbooks have SSD hard drives. Some are removable, and others are built into the logicboard. We can wipe the data securely in both cases.

Refurbishing Recycled Macbooks

Macbook Recycling For Refurbishing: Computer Recycling Seattle does all we can to refurbish for reuse as many recycled laptops and Macbooks as possible. If a Macbook can not be refurbished in many cases we can use some of the parts to repair other Macbooks. This is great for the planet. Refurbishing Macbooks for reuse to as great of extent as possible. We also use parts for Macbook repair. We will do all we can to find a new home for as many Macbooks brought in as possible.

Macbook Charger Recycling: We recycle chargers from all Apple Products including Macbooks. Working or not.


Computer Recycling Seattle

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