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We Recycle All Vintage Computers

Computer Recycling Seattle Will Recycle All Computers: Recycling all computers means we offer vintage computer recycling. The older the better. We will also recycle all of their parts or peripherals. This includes external floppy disk drives, external hard drives, and other parts.

Some Brands Of Vintage Computers: We accept Compaq, Kaypro, Amiga, Sinclair, Franklin, Xerox, Digital Equipment, DEC, Atari, Heathkit, Texas Instruments, and Silicon Graphics. We also accept Sun Microsystems, Commodore, and Radio Shack computers. Here is some – more info – on vintage computers.

MacIntosh And Apple Computer Recycling: Computer Recycling Seattle takes old Apple and MacIntosh computers for recycling. In many cases we can find homes for these old MacIntosh and Apple computers if the work. We can sometimes even find folks who want the parts from the non-working ones. Bring in all your old MacIntosh’s for recycling today.



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