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POS Recycling

Do You Need A POS System Recycled?

Are You Planning to Move

Moving or upgrading when you own a business, or restaurant can be hectic. Many times it’s natural for a company to purchase new POS equipment and upgrade, instead of reusing old equipment, or terminals. Just getting rid of and recycling your old POS equipment can get tricky. What if there was an easy way to get all your old POS equipment recycled for free without lifting a finger? That’s where Computer Recycling Seattle comes in. You can reach out to us and let us know when the next time you plan to move. Our team can take care of all of your POS Recycling needs.

Are You Planning On Upgrading?

If your restaurant or other type of business plans on a complete upgrade and replacement of its electronics, or network, the POS equipment will probably be the first equipment upgraded, and out the door. With Computer Recycling Seattle, there will always be a way to safely recycle your old Point of Sale equipment safely without damaging the environment. Recycle your old POS equipment with us and we will find a second life for it when possible. Recycling for Re-Use.

We Will Wipe Your Data If Necessary

Most of the time used POS terminals, and servers will contain sensitive information. At Computer Recycling Seattle, we will always keep your data safe. If your company has any special data wiping or data destruction needs just let us know. We can provide a certificate of destruction on all recycled computers if a customer requests one.

POS Recycling 2

Removal Assistance

Let’s now be real honest. Removing the heavy computers, servers, terminals, and other POS Equipment is hardly a do it yourself project. Thankfully, you have us to take care of all of that. Just contact our team, and we will send out our our professionals to assist you in removing your old POS systems. We also remove and recycle computers, laptops, servers, and networking equipment.

Looking For The Very Best POS Recycling Service in Seattle?

Computer Recycling Seattle is your all inclusive one-stop solution to Point of Sale Recycling. We always make it easy for your restaurant, or business to recycle unneeded equipment without going through a ton of trouble. Call, e-Mail, or otherwise get in touch with us today for your POS Recycling Needs.

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