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Laptop Parts Recycling For Seattle

Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles All Laptop Parts: Laptop parts recycling is a big part of our operation. Many of our customers have old broken laptops or parts of laptops they need to dispose of. Broken laptop e-waste recycling is one of the services we offer at Computer Recycling Seattle.

Broken Laptop Recycling: If you have an old, broken, or outdated laptop you need to recycle bring it in for proper disposal. Whether it works or not we will take it. We will either pass the parts on to a reliable materials recycler, or we may use some of the parts to repair or refurbish other laptops. We recycle broken laptops and laptop parts. Old laptops working or not get properly processed and the data wiped on all hard dries. Even if your laptop is not working, or old we may still be able to use some of the parts, or find someone else who may want it, or it’s parts.

We Recycle Chargers And AC Adapters

Laptop Charger Recycling: Many of our customers have chargers for old laptops and other devices just sitting in drawers or boxes. We can recycle them all and put many to work again powering devices and laptops. Please bring in your old boxes of e-waste or computer and laptop parts for recycling any time. If their materials are processed properly they can be reused in manufacturing new laptops, computers, and other electronics.

Laptop Battery Recycling

Laptop Battery Recycling: Many people replace the batteries in their laptops themselves. This means they need a place to take the old battery for recycling. We accept laptop batteries for recycling at our location at 76th and Aurora. It is important that old batteries get reprocessed for their materials to reduce dependence on mining. Everyone knows mining lithium is not that environmentally friendly. The more batteries that we can get processed for their raw materials the better.

Laptop Screen Recycling: One of the parts we recycle is broken or non working laptop screens. We take in broken screens and send them off to be processed properly. This means we take screens, and entire screen assemblies.

Laptop Hard Drive Recycling: Our customers seem to have a number of old hard drives they don’t use any more sitting around. They can always bring them into Computer Recycling Seattle to be wiped, or crushed. SATA, SSD, SCSI, NMe, M.2 and all the other drives we can recycle. We have a hard drive crusher and we even let customer crush their old hard drives if they want the pleasure of destroying their data.

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