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Our Laptop Recycling For Reuse Programs

Reuse Is Better Than Recycling: Laptop recycling for reuse. When a laptop or Macbook is recycled at Computer Recycling Seattle the first thing we do is securely wipe the data. In many cases we simply destroy the laptop’s hard drive by crushing it, or disassembling it. If the laptop is not too old we will refurbish it for reuse. Recycling for reuse is the most environmentally friendly e-waste disposal method.

Refurbishing Recycled Laptops: When we get a laptop recycled that is newer, and usable in today’s world we will wipe the data, and then in most cases install a new ssd hard drive, and get it ready for sale, or a new owner. Some recycled laptops get sold, and others donated. We refurbish the recycled laptop, load Windows or MacOs and try to find it a home. Every recycled laptop that is successfully refurbished and finds a new owner is one less that needs to be manufactured.

We Even Find A Home For Broken Recycled Laptop Parts

Recycled Laptop Parts: If a recycled laptop is too old to be refurbished we can in many cases find someone who can use it. We can in many cases sell it, or give it away to someone who can use the parts to fix their laptop. Almost all laptops recycled at Computer Recycling Seattle find a useful home if there are any good parts at all. We recycle laptop screens, keyboards, fans, cases, and other parts. We also use parts from recycled laptops to refurbish or repair other laptops. This make the need to purchase new manufactured parts less. Also good for the environment.


Laptop Recycling For ReIUse

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