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We Recycle Gaming Laptops

Many Laptops We Recycle Were Used For Gaming: Yes we do accept old, or broken gaming laptops for recycling. Even if your laptop has problems you can recycle it at Computer Recycling Seattle. Gaming Laptop Recycling is one or the e-waste recycling services we offer. We also recycle chargers for gaming and other laptops.

Data Wiping Service On All Recycled Laptops: We wipe the data or destroy the hard drives on all gaming laptops recycled. Many recycled gaming laptops have more than one hard drive. In fact some are even mounted under the motherboard. This means if the recycled laptop does not power on, the motherboard will need to be removed to wipe the hard drive. If you recycle a gaming laptop at our location you can rest assured the data will be securely wiped or your hard drive destroyed. We guarantee it.

Gaming Laptop Parts Recycling: Even if your old or broken gaming laptop is in pieces bring it in. We recycle parts and pieces of gaming laptops. Screens, keyboards, batteries, laptop chargers, hard drives, ram, screen backs, palmrests, touchpads, motherboards, video cards, fans. We recycle just about every laptop part, and attempt to re-use the parts whenever possible. Recycling Gaming Laptops is important for the environment. Why is it important? In many cases they have more sought after materials than regular consumer laptops. We also accept for recycling ac adapters and docking stations for laptops.


Gaming Laptop Recycling


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