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We Recycle Mac Pro’s

Computer Recycling Seattle Will Recycle Mac Pro’s: We accept for recycling all models of Apple’s Mac Pro desktop computer. With the Mac Pro we will securely wipe the data from all of the hard drives, or destroy them. Mac Pro Recycling is one of the services we offer. Just like Macbook recycling. We will recycle all the different types of the Mac Pro and even Mac Pro parts such as processor boards, planer boards, ram, hard drives, video cards and more.

We Refurbish Mac Pro’s: If a recycled Mac Pro is functional it can in many cases be refurbished for reuse. Our techs can even load newer MacOs on them so they can be used in today’s world. We recycle a lot of Mac Pros and are happy to take them. Computer Recycling Seattle recycles a lot of Macs, iMacs, and Macbooks as well as Mac Mini’s. Of course we also recycle iPhones, and iPads too.

Let Us Know If You Need Help: If you need help carrying your old Mac Pro into the store for recycling let us know. We can come out and carry it in for you. They can be quite heavy.

Apple Cable Recycling: Everyone collects a lot of cables with their devices. As newer models are released the cables become obsolete. Computer Recycling Seattle recycles all the older cables for Macbooks, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other Apple devices.


Mac Pro Recycling

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