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Computer Recycling For ReUse

Computer Recycling Seattle Attempts To Refurbish As Many Computers For ReUse As Possible: The best thing that can happen to e-waste is to find a new user for recycled items. Whether it is a computer laptop or Mac that is recycled. This means that it is best for the planet to find a computer refurbisher to bring your recycled computers to. Better yet find a local computer recycling company that does refurbishing. Our company is set up to refurbish for reuse all the recycled computers and laptops as possible. We then try to find them homes. When your recycle a computer laptop or Macbook with us rest assured we will do more than anyone to refurbish it for reuse.

Reusing Recycled Computer Parts: A lot of the e-waste that is recycled at our location is computer and laptop parts. This also includes different parts for Macs and Macbooks. Peripherals like laptop chargers, cables, ac adapters, and other items are also recycled daily at our location at 76th and Aurora. We test, clean, refurbish, and get ready for reuse all of the recycled computer parts as well as computers as possible.

Motherboard Recycling For Reuse

Desktop Motherboard Recycling: Our company recycles a lot of desktop motherboards. We test these motherboards, and if they work we try to get them to computer techs who need motherboards for doing repairs. Every recycled motherboard that goes into a computer is one less computer that needs to be manufactured. This is also true with power supplies, ram, cpu’s, video cards and other computer parts. We not only refurbish for reuse computers, and laptops but all the recycled parts too. Our company reuses as many recycled parts as possible. The more e-waste that can be returned to use the better it is for everyone. We sell used computer parts including cases, memory, hard drives, and power supplies as well as motherboards.

We Sell Used And Refurbished Computers And Laptops

Refurbished Computers For Sale: We do all we can to fix broken computers and laptops, and then find them new homes. We sell used computers, laptops, as well as Macs and Macbooks at our store at 76th and Aurora. All used and refurbished computers are sold with support, and at least a 30 day warranty if not longer. Almost all used computers have solid state hard drives installed. They also have Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed. Computer Recycling Seattle sells a lot of used computers laptops and Macbooks in the Seattle Area.

Computer Recycling And Refurbishing: What does computer refurbishing mean? For us it means we check out recycled computers / laptops and determine if they can be used in today’s world. If they have acceptable specs, we install a ssd hard drive, and load Windows 10, or Windows 11. Our refurbished Macbooks have in most cases the newest MacOs that can be installed on them. Computer Recycling Seattle also refurbishes Chromebooks, iPads and Streams as well as Microsoft Surface and Surfacebooks. Our staff refurbishes both desktops and laptops at Computer Recycling Seattle. When it comes to refurbishing laptops we make sure the hinges are good and do not appear to have problems. Our technicians also test the fans and make sure they work, and seem to function properly. We do all we can to make sure the laptops we refurbish will work for their new owners. We sell the refurbished laptops and computers with a warranty. This means we do all we can to insure a good experience with all our used or refurbished computers.

Refurbishing Macbooks For Reuse

Refurbishing Macbooks For Reuse: If it is a Macbook that needs refurbished we fully test the machine and see if it checks out. We make sure the battery is good, and then we load the newest MacOs it will take, and update it. We thoroughly test all refurbished Macbooks to be sure the folks who buy a used one will have a good experience. Our staff will recycle, repair, refurbish and sell Macbooks, iMacs and Mac Pros, as well as Mac Mini’s. This means in our store we usually have a great selection of refurbished Macs, and Macbooks available. Our prices are competitive and we try to find exactly the right used Mac or Macbook to fit a customer’s personal needs.

Recycling Computers For ReUse Is Our Goal: As stated above our main goal is to put as many recycled computers as possible back into service. The more used computers that get repurposed or resold the less the need is to manufacture new ones. The less computers that are manufactured the less mining, and electricity use, as well as fossil fuel to ship them is necessary. Refurbishing computers for reuse is the best possible outcome for our planet. The best possible outcome when it comes to “doing something” about e-waste and old or used computers.


Refurbished Computers For Sale

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