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Sustainability Is Important

Refurbishing Recycled Computers For Reuse: The most Earth Friendliest method of computer disposal is refurbishing them for reuse. If sustainability is important to you, your family, your employer, or your company, let Computer Recycling Seattle help you reach your goals. We refurbish for reuse thousands of recycled computers every year. Sustainable Computer Recycling is pretty much our company’s mission.

No One Does More To Refurbish Recycled Computers: Any computers or laptops that are recycled at our location that can be refurbished for reuse are. If the recycled computer is usable in today’s world and or it can be easily repaired we will do all we can to put it back into service. In the end many people benefit from recycling computers with our company. Many of our neighbors in Seattle worry about sustainability as we do also.

What Is Sustainability

A Definition Of Sustainability: One definition of sustainability is listed here “Sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.” A link to the page is -here-. The more computers, laptops, Macbooks, and E-Waste that is recycled and then refurbished for reuse, the less impact our generation will have on the planet’s resources. Sustainability.

Please Help Us By Recycling Your Old Computers Laptops And E-Waste: You can help us by bringing in all your outdated, broken, or unused computers, and laptops for recycling. We will either refurbish them, or pass them on to a materials processor that can help reuse the materials. The more equipment that is recycled the less mining ore is needed. Sustainability.

Proper Computer Recycling And E-Waste Recycling

Everyone Needs To Do Their Part: There are many factors that are causing climate problems. Many are hard to address. We need to get around. What can we do? We need to eat. One thing we can all do is properly recycle our computers and laptops. Properly recycle all electronic waste. It is simply one thing that can make a small difference. Add up all the small differences and it makes a big difference.





Sustainable Computer Recycling

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