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Desktop Disposal

Computer Recycling Seattle Performs Desktop Disposal: What many customers call desktop disposal we call refurbishing for re-use. This means if you have a desktop to dispose of you can recycle it. Same thing.

Make Sure You Dispose Of Your Desktop Where It Will Be Refurbished: There is no company that does as much as we do to refurbish for re-use every computer disposed of or recycled here. In most cases we destroy the hard drive, and install a new SSD hard drive. We then load Windows and find it a home.

Environmentally Friendly Desktop Disposal Service: Recycling computers is the best thing one can do with an old computer. Recycling it, or disposing of it at a recycler that refurbishes it and will find it a new home is by far the best thing possible. We have used computers for sale – here –.

Laptop Disposal In Seattle

We Dispose Of Laptops Too: We recycle laptops and Macbooks too. You can dispose of your laptops, Macbooks, tablets, cell phones, and other electronics at Computer Recycling Seattle.

Secure Data Destruction Guaranteed: All computer recycled at Computer Recycling Seattle will have their data securely wiped, or their hard drives destroyed. Every Single Recycle Computer.




Computer Recycling And Disposal

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