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We Recycle Hard Drives: Computer Recycling Recycles all types of hard drives. From whole computers, to old hard drives pulled from old computers. Laptop hard drives, SSD hard drives, SCSI hard drives, SAS hard drives and SATA hard drives. We recycle both laptop and desktop IDE hard drives, and all other types. If a recycled hard drive is good it is securely wiped, and tested, and if found good it is refurbished and re-used. In most cases recycled hard drives are simply crushed, and recycled for their materials. Most hard drives we recycle actually get destroyed so their raw materials can be processed for making more electronics.

Hard Drives Contain Rare Earth Materials: It is important to recycle hard drives. Many of them contain rare materials which are hard to find, process or mine. It is very environmentally friendly to recycle all the old hard drives possible. Having them sit around in old unused computers and laptops does not help anyone. Please recycle your old hard drives today.

Make Sure Your Data Has Been Backed Up: Before you recycle your old hard drives make sure all your important data has been backed up. Once we destroy, or securely wipe a hard drive all data will be non-recoverable. If your data has been backed up, and is important, we recommend backing it up to two or three devices, or places. All hard drives will fail someday. If your data is important cover your bases.

Keeping Old Hard Drives: If you have important data on your old hard drives you can copy it to other backup hard drives for permanent storage. You can also keep some of your old hard drives instead of recycling them for one more copy of important data. It is up to you.

Getting Data From Old Hard Drives: One of the services we offer is backing up data from failing hard drives, or old computers that don’t work. If you have an old computer you want to recycle but you want the data we can copy it, or recover it in most cases. Please ask us about our data backup service.


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