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We Recycle Networking Equipment

Computer Recycling Seattle Will Take Your Networking Equipment: We accept for recycling switches, hubs, routers, cables and other types of networking equipment. Just stop by our location at 76th and Aurora during business hours. We are your networking equipment recycling resource in Seattle.

We Recycle Cords And Cables: Cords and cables can be recycled. If you have a quantity of cables and cords bring them in for recycling when possible. They will get processed and then used for manufacturing other electronics. We do free computer recycling too. In many cases we can re-use recycled cords and cables. We have most cables in stock if you, your family, or your company needs a special cable or cord.

Networking Equipment Pick-Up Service

We Pick Up Networking Equipment: If your business is retiring old networking gear we may be able to come and remove it. In most cases corporate pick-ups are free. Call Computer Recycling Seattle if you would like to have your networking equipment, or servers removed.


Free Corporate Computer Removal


We Recycle Servers

Server Recycling: We recycle other business assets like Servers. If you are retiring a data center, or a stack of servers let us know and we can come get them. We can assist in office move outs, or data center closing operations. Our hours are flexible and our service is unmatched in recycling servers.

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