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Networking Equipment Recycling Center

We Recycle All Types Of Networking Equipment: From corporate environment surplus, to home networking, we recycle all networking equipment at Computer Recycling Seattle. This includes switches, hubs, routers, cables, wires, modems, servers, and just about every other type of computer e-waste. Networking equipment and server recycling is performed every single day at our location n North Seattle.

Recycling Networking Equipment Is Easy: Since most people or companies do not have a large amount of decommissioned networking equipment to recycle they can simply drop it off. We are located at 76th and Aurora. Parking on Aurora right in front of our store is ok from 11 to 3. No appointment needed. Just stop by and bring in your e-waste for recycling.

Recycling For Re-Use

Repurposing Recycled Networking Equipment: Many items left for recycling can be reused. We do all we can to repurpose for reuse all recycled e-waste. We will test, clean, and attempt to find a new home for all items left for recycling. This includes laptops, computers, and Macbooks too. Networking equipment can be re-used in many cases.

Data Center Recycling: Our company helps tear down retired data centers and then recycle all the networking gear servers, and switches. If you are in need of a company to help you remove a data center that has outlived it’s usefulness let us know. Why? We can take care of it. Our staff can help companies recycle their equipment when they have special needs and requests. We serve the Greater Puget Sound Area.



Networking Equipment Recycling North Seattle

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