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Credit Card Reader Recycling

Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles Credit Card Readers: As companies and stores keep upgrading their pos systems they end up with their old credit card machines laying around. Please bring them in for recycling to have their raw materials processed. Credit Card Reader Recycling in North Seattle. We will refurbish for reuse all of the credit card machines possible. Many recycled POS Systems and credit card readers can have a second life in someone else’s business. Please recycle all your unneeded POS Equipment.


Computer Recycling Credit Card Readers POS Recycling


E-Waste Recycling: Credit card readers that are not being used are simply electronic waste. The more of this type of waste that can be processed for the raw materials the better it is for the environment. Recycle all your POS e-waste at Computer Recycling Seattle.

We Recycle All Brands Of Credit Card Machines / Readers: We will recycle the Clover, Square, Clover Mini, Card Machine Pro+, Nayax, SunUp, Verifone and all other brands. If you have unneeded credit card readers bring them in for recycling. Their materials will be processed as other types of e-waste or the machines will be refurbished for reuse. More about POS Equipment Recycling.



POS Recycling

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