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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles iMacs

Bring In Your Old iMac: If you have an iMac sitting around your house, garage, basement, or storage you don’t use any more bring it in for recycling. We also recycle iMac keyboards and other peripherals. iMac recycling and refurbishing for reuse is one of our main activities at Computer Recycling Seattle.

iMac Recycling And Data Wiping

We Wipe All Data On Recycled iMacs: We recommend resetting your iMac before recycling it if it works. If this is not possible we will wipe the data anyway. All data on all computers, laptops, or Macs left at our location will be securely wiped. In most cases the hard drives in recycled computers are simply destroyed / crushed.

Recycle Your iMac

Recycling iMacs Is Good For The Environment: When someone recycles a computer or iMac, and it gets refurbished, someone can have a new computer. When they get a refurbished computer that means a new computer doesn’t have to be manufactured. That is one less computer’s raw materials and resources taken from the Earth. Recycling for Reuse is the best case scenario for e-waste recycling. Recycling your old iMacs and refurbishing them for reuse is very important. iMacs are computers and manufacturing new ones takes a lot of resources. Refurbishing them works for everyone.


Recycle And iMac Seattle


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