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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Seattle focuses on recycling all computers for re-use. We recycle laptops desktops Macbooks PC’s and Macs. All hard drive data is 100% securely wiped on all computers left for recycling.

Electronics Recycling

Computer Recycling Seattle recycles most electronic E-waste. Cell phones tablets cameras PDA’s stereo equipment POS Equipment, and other types of electronics are recycled here at no charge. No televisions. Small printer recycling fee.

Laptop Macbook Recycling

As a part of Seattle’s eco-friendly community Computer Recycling Seattle focuses on repairing and reusing recycled computers, laptops, and Macbooks when possible. Every laptop or Macbook repaired for re-use is one that does not need to be manufactured.

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Computers Recycled
What to do with Computers / Laptops

Computer Recycling Seattle will securely wipe all data on recycled computers, laptops, and Macs. Make sure you back up all of your data before bringing in your computer to be recycled, and check your backup. Then just bring in your computer, and other E-waste during normal business hours. No appointment necessary. We do not recycle televisions.

Local Drop Off Location in Seattle
Address: 949 N 76th Street, Seattle, WA 98103
We are located at 76th and Aurora in North Seattle
Phone: (206) 279-6621
Schedule A Pick-Up

Computer Recycling Seattle will come to your business, and remove your e-waste at no charge in most cases. Just call to schedule a pick-up. We remove laptops, computers, servers, cables, switches etc.

How Should I Recycle Computers / Laptops?
  • Make sure that you permanently delete all files and programs on your computer’s hard-drive after backing up if you are able to. If you can’t format your hard drive, we will securely wipe it anyway.
  • For customers that are concerned about having the data wiped from their recycled computers, or laptops we will begin the wiping process immediately, and notify you when wiping is successful.
Can Laptop Batteries Be Recycled?

Yes, we recycle laptop and Macbook batteries. All electronics recycled here will be disposed of properly.

Pass It On

The best thing a person can do with an unwanted computer, laptop, or Macbook is to recycle it with a company that will refurbish it for re-use. Computer Recycling Seattle focuses on the re-use of all recycled equipment left. Every refurbished computer we are able to put back into service is one computer that doesn’t need to be manufactured, and shipped. Re-use is the best use for all equipment.

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