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Safe Laptop Recycling: We get asked all the time how to safely recycle a laptop. When you take a used laptop to a company like Computer Recycling Seattle you can rest assured your data will be securely wiped. If the laptop can be made functional, or used in today’s world, it will be refurbished for re-use. At Computer Recycling Seattle we do more than anyone around to repair recycled laptops so they can live a second life. If a recycled laptop can not be refurbished for re-use in many cases we can use some of the parts to repair and other laptops. The team at Computer Recycling Seattle does more to reuse all recycled laptops, computers, Macbooks, and all their parts than one can imagine. Safe laptop recycling is one of our core businesses.

We Work With Our Partner Seattle Laptop: Many of the parts in recycled laptops are used by Seattle Laptop in their laptop repair and used laptop sales business.

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