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Macbook Recycling at Computer Recycling Seattle: We recycle Macbooks! We specialize in refurbishing Macbooks for reuse, and using all the parts possible from recycled Macbooks. Wiping data, and refurbishing Macbooks is quite different than recycling pc computers, and regular laptops. Macbooks are unique, and wiping the data from all of the different models, and all of the different MacOs’s can be challenging. We can do it.

Safe Macbook Recycling: All the data is securely wiped from all Macbooks recycled at Computer Recycling Seattle. You can rest assured that when you recycle a Macbooks with us, your data will be wiped and unrecoverable. Every time. If a hard drive can not be successfully wiped it is destroyed, and then recycled. Safe Macbook Recycling.

Refurbishing Recycled Macbooks for Re-Use: We will refurbish for re-use as many recycled Macbooks as possible. We also used parts from recycled Macbooks for Macbook Repair. We do all we can to make use of all parts, chargers, and other devices we get in from our recycling operations.

Macbook Data Destruction

Data Wiped From Recycled Macbooks: All Macbooks that are recycled have their data wiped securely, or the hard drives destroyed. When you recycle a Macbook with us you don’t have to worry about your data. We will take care of it. Guaranteed.



Recycle A Macbook

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