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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycles Cell Phones

We Recycle All Brands Of Cell Phones: Cell Phone Recycling is very important. Tons upon tons of cell phones go out of service every year. They sit in people’s drawers, and boxes, and do no one any good. If they are recycled they can be ground up and their materials processed. The contents of cell phones can be reused in making new cell phones. Cell Phone Recycling is essential for limiting mining of many substances and metals.

Wipe Your Cell Phone’s Data Before Recycling

Please Reset Your Cell Phones Before Recycling: Computer Recycling Seattle does not reset cell phones, and wipe the data. Many of them have passwords, or pins, or they don’t work. If a cell phone doesn’t work, and you want to recycle it no problem. No one is going to fix it to access your data. It will be ground up. If your cell phone works, and you need to recycle it just reset it. It is not hard. The process for resetting cell phones is pretty simple in most cases. Thus if you reset your phone and wipe your own data you don’t have to worry about it. This way you data will be secure.

Most Of The Materials In Recycled Cell Phones Can Be Processed: When a cell phone is recycled it is in most cases ground up. A lot of the materials can be processed and reused to make new cell phones and other electronics. Over 90% of all material in recycled cell phones can be successfully processed and re-used in manufacturing. There are a lot of resources for processing recycled cell phones. This means that recycling cell phones is great for the planet.


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