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Computer Recycling Seattle

Recycling Computers Is Our Main Business

Computer Recycling Seattle Is In The Computer Recycling Business: Just like our name says, we are all about recycling computers in the Seattle Area. Even though we also recycle other types of E-Waste, computer recycling, and refurbishing for re-use is our main business. There is no company in the Seattle Area who recycled computers who does more to refurbish for re-use all computers, and other items left for recycling. We also take in and process computer parts such as motherboards, computer cases, video cards, hard drives, power supplies, memory, and lcd monitors.

We Recycle Other Items Besides Computers

We Recycle Most E-Waste: Of course we recycle Macbooks, laptops, iMacs, Mac Pro’s. iPhones, tablets, cell phones, and other computer related and non computer related electronic items. If your have electronics laying around your house taking up space, bring them in, and recycle them here. We make recycling computers, and laptops as easy as possible. Read about – Recycling Laptops – here.

Drop Off Computers For Recycling At 76th And Aurora: We have curbside drop-off at our North Seattle location. You can park right in front of our store at the corner of 76th and Aurora and bring your items in, or let us know if you need help. Recycling computers, laptops, or Macbooks and other E-Waste is easy at Computer Recycling Seattle. Please call us if you have any questions about recycling computers, laptops, or other types of E-Waste.

Corporate Computer Pick-Up Service

Corporate E-Waste Removal Service: If your company has computers, laptops, servers, or other types of E-Waste you need hauled away, give us a call. We can accommodate most company’s recycling needs. Of course we will securely wipe all data from recycled computers, or simply destroy the hard drives. Simply call our – Corporate Computer Pick-Up Service – and let us know how we can help. Click here for more information about corporate computer pick-up service in Seattle.

Refurbishing Recycled Computers For Re-Use

We Refurbish As Many Recycled Computers As Possible: We specialize in Mac and Macbook recycling and refurbishing as well as computers and laptops. Our refurbishing team uses parts from items left to refurbish working Macbooks, iMacs, laptops, and desktop computers. We sell to the public, and donate refurbished computers. Every computer we can refurbish is one that does not have to be manufactured and shipped to be sold. We have a very good selection of good used laptops and desktops all made from rebuilt computers. All of our used computers are sold with a warranty and tech support.


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