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Computer Recycling Seattle Recycled Loose Hard Drives: Many customers bring in hard drives for recycling. Of course most recycled computers have hard drives in them, but many folks have old hard drives they need to be rid of. No problem. We recycle all types of hard drives. We either securely wipe the data, and refurbish the hard drives, or in most cases we simply crush / destroy them. Most hard drives we recycle will get destroyed.

It Is Important To Recycle Hard Drives: Many hard drives contain rare earth materials. When hard drives are recycled, the materials are removed with processing, and can be sent to manufacturers, or processors. This makes mining them not as necessary. Good for the planet. It is very important to recycle all hard drives that are not needed. Even more important than simply recycling computers.

Add Storage To Refurbished Computers: When we refurbish computers we usually add a 2nd hard drive for storage. We try to reuse as many recycled hard drives as we can in our computer refurbishing business.


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