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Our Recycling Program Reduces The Digital Divide

Inexpensive Computers For Everyone: Good refurbished computers provide inexpensive internet access and computing power to folks who are not rolling in cash. New computers with any power cost a lot of money. This means many people simply can’t afford a new computer, so they don’t enjoy the benefits computers provide. Being able to purchase a low priced refurbished laptop or desktop computer from Computer Recycling Seattle means a lot to many people. This means that for not much money you can have an internet ready computer to take home.

Inexpensive Used Computers For Sale: Computer Recycling Seattle provides inexpensive computers, lcd monitors, keyboards, and mice to the public. All of our recycled and then refurbished computers come with ssd hard drives, and sometimes additional storage drives. – Here – is a partial list of computers for sale.

Providing Inexpensive Computers Helps The Digital Divide Problem

Used Computers For Great Prices: Many people are amazed at how little they will need to spend to get a functioning used computer laptop or Mac / Macbook. Whether they want to stream music, or videos. Perhaps they need to study, or apply for jobs. Having a computer or laptop is a must for most Americans. Fortunately we are happy to provide low cost computers, laptops, and Macs to folks who need low cost solutions. Not only is our business model helping the environment, we are also making low price computers available. Not everyone can purchase a new computer.

Huge Selection Of Used Computers

Computer Recycling Seattle Has Many Used Computers To Choose From: Our customers have different needs. We try to carry laptops and desktop computers as well as Macs in many different configurations and sizes. From mini computers to gaming computers with room for multiple hard drives and huge video cards.

Custom Configuration Of Used Computers

We Can Configure A Computer Or Laptop For Your Needs: Some of our customers may like on of our used computers for sale, but need more ram, a better video card, or more hard drive storage. No problem. Just ask, and we can custom configure most computers, or laptops we sell.


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Computer Laptop Recycling North Seattle

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