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Back Up Before Upgrading To Windows 11

When compu威而鋼
ter users upgrade to Windows 11, in many cases they have problems. Before you try to upgrade any version of Windows make sure all of your important data is backed up. This tip has nothing to do with computer recycling, but we are tryin樂威壯
g to help all computer users. Windows Update can also cause problems, and Windows will update itself whenever it feels like it. If you own a computer or laptop, make sure you have all your data backed up constantly. We recommend a cloud backup, and backing up to external hard drives, or other computers on a network. Have a back up plan. And by they way, all hard drives will go bad someday. They wear as they are used. Back up today, and have a plan to protect your data, and stick to it. Don’t be the one having to pay $3,000 to some company for data recovery someday, or lose your kids pictures forever.

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